Meditation designed by
Dhara Lemos
Inspired by her teacher OSHO

Peace Ananda Music
Peace Ananda Music produced, composed
and performed by Pamela Jamian.
Percussion on tracks 1 and 2 performed
by Jose Lopez.

Dhara's Active Meditation



Release Stress

Though Tantric Movement

Easy Everyday Attunement - only 40 minutes!

For Contemporary People in a Fast-Paced World

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Dharas CD


This Meditation helps integrate your expressions of emotional states, such as happiness, anger, love, sadness, crying, laughter, sensualities and finally silence!

Chakra Sounds (Standing or Sitting)

Stand with feet apart, relaxing and moving your body to the sound of your own voice. Make any vowel sound, changing the tones of your voice as the music guides you through each chakra.

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Kundalini Shake (Standing or Sitting)

With the same start position, feet apart, body relaxed, let the legs shake and send vibrations up through the body. Relax from the pelvis to the shoulders, slightly open the jaw and allow sound to come forth to release energy blocks.When the music stops, stand still and feel the energy pulsing through your body.

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Humming Vibration (Sitting)

Sit in a comfortable upright position.  Repeat the sound “Hum” to vibrate your spinal (prana) tube at your own pace with a tone that is comfortable for you but loud enough to vibrate.  This is a tantra meditation, so welcome and watch your thoughts.  There are no good or bad thoughts – just be the watcher.

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Lucid Dreaming (Lying Down)

Lying down with your back on the floor, just let go and melt into the earth. At this point, you don’t need to do anything, but if your mind wanders, let it wander.  If you fall asleep, welcome your lucid dreams.  As the music ends, gently stretch, sit up, open your eyes and enjoy your day!

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What Is Active Meditation?

This active meditation is the tantric pathway – the feminine  way, which is to not fight, but to accept who you are now.  Acceptance, no judgment, is the light that we need to transform ourselves.  Using active meditation techniques helps release and balance blocked energy, connect with higher frequencies, and open our awareness. Rather than react to the old beliefs that condition us, we can become aware and begin to transform into a more conscious self.
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